WyCare Inc.

WyCare Inc.
WyCare Inc is the management arm of the Wyong Shire Landcare Network

  • One of the outcomes that came out of the meetings of the Landcare groups was the need for support both in resources and administration and it was for this reason that Wycare Inc was formed.
  • WyCare Inc is managed by a committee of representatives of various Landcare groups and is involved in the following activities:
  • Manage Volunteer Activity at Support Centre in partnership with Council
  • Access and Apply for Funding for Support Centre and Landcare Groups who do not want to take on this task
    Prepare and Distribute Newsletter
  • Maintain WSC Landcare Groups Membership Database
  • Apply for an Envirocare Support Team which can assist all Groups with on ground works
    Develop Training Programmes
  • Arrange and manage  activities on behalf of Wyong Shire Landcare Network
  • Arranges quarterly Network meetings
  • Provide training for the unemployed
  • Manage resources for the groups such as tools, plants soil and other materials
  • Growing plants for the groups to use.